Friday, October 2, 2015

An AMAZING Opportunity!

Last week the C.I.A came to Booker T. during Activity Period.  They DO NOT come to schools, but they come to our school because Booker T is known!  They take the tie to come, and tell you about an amazing opportunity!

The C.I.A. has an under grad scholarship.  The requirements are:

You have to be 18 by April
Have a 3.5 GPA

Those are the ones they discussed.  If you get this scholarship you are an employee of the C.I.A.  They pay you $30, 000 a year for going to school.  You get a paycheck every two weeks plus benefits.  Then they pay for college!  Do you get that?!  That is amazing!  There are so many opportunities out there - you just ave to find them!

So if you are a freshman - you know what is expected!  Work hard!  Check out the scholarship online.  Look around!

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