Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last year after we studied The Trail of Tears in Oklahoma History, a student asked if we could watch the film, "Avatar?"  I was confused by the question?  I had seen "Avatar."  Who hasn't?  So why was a student asking to watch the movie?  We did not have time - so I laughed the question off.  That student was probably sad.  I looked into it, and I guess the way the humans treated the Na'vi (blue people0 in the film is a direct comparison to the way the Native Americans were treated during Indian Removal.  So this year we watched it in class.  Here is a brief synopsis of the film:
The students wrote a comparison between Avatar and the Trail of Tears.  One student said it was a great modern visual of the Trail of Tears.  I loved that sentence because it is so true.  I graded binders while the students watched it.  I would occasionally look up and watch the film.  It is shocking how similiar the two are!  One student wrote they had seen the film before, and thought Wow that was a good film.  This time around she saw the comparison, and wondered if the filmmaker purposely put that into the film?  I'm not sure either, but it makes you wonder!
Jake and his love
Jake preparing for battle
Here are some of the Big Comparisons students said over and over:
  1. Both were asked to relocate
  2. Americans wanted something resourceful on their land
  3. Both were called Savages
  4. The General in the movie and President Jackson were the same
  5. In Avatar there is a happy ending - the Na'vi fight back and win!
The Na'vi's sacred tree


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