Thursday, October 2, 2014

Work Tips and Advice

I have had two jobs in my life - AMC and BTW.  When I was 16 I needed a job to pay for a trip to Europe.  My parents told me if I want to go to Europe I have to pay for it.  So I thought where would I like to work.  I love movies, and my best friend worked at AMC.  It was an easy decision.  I ended up working at AMC for 10 years, and became a manager.  In those 10 years I learned a lot!
My first tip is when you are deciding where to work pick a place you'll love.  You will spend  a lot of time in that place, and there will be moments where it will be hard and stressful.  There were times at AMC I had to stop and tell myself "I am being paid to be here."  Also think of a place where you'll get good perks.  I loved AMC because I got free movies, and I would always see a lot of people.
Once I became a manager I got the opportunity to choose the applicants who AMC would call to hire.  It was shocking how many people would fill out there application with sloppy handwriting.  It would be so bad I could not even read the numbers to call them.  If I could not read the application it would get put into the do not call pile.  How you fill out your application is your first impression to the employer.  Always use good penmanship!
Once you get the job - you want to stand out!  You want to stand out in a positive way.  There are many ways to stand out.  One way is to be on time!  When you get a job, and you have to be at work at 6 p.m.  They mean you are clocked in, dressed, and on the job at 6.  It is always amazing how many people would walk in late, and not dressed.  That gets you noticed, and not in a good way.  When you are late for a job it is not like school.  You do not get a warning - you get a write up.  After 3 you are fired!  That puts you in bad standing.  When you apply for another job you cannot put your previous job on the application because if the new employer calls the old one they will not say good things.
You want to build a good reputation for yourself!
My last piece of advice would be to have a good attitude.  Be fun to be around!  This will take you far!  I was always upbeat and positive!  Even now as a teacher I try to leave my problems at the door.  Why should my bad day ruin someone else's day?  Be positive!  It will take you far!

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