Sunday, February 15, 2015

Political Courage

After my parents saw this we got into such a great discussion about the film!  I love that about my family!  We always have the BEST discussions!  What really stood out to me was what my Dad said about the film.  He talked about how the film was about Political Courage.  From President Johnson to Dr. King to the people in the march.
President Johnson
President Johnson was the President at the time of the Selma march.  He was aware of the situation, and was in constant communication with Dr. King.  They would discuss the Civil Rights Movement, and what needed to happen.  But as we know change is hard.  No politician wanted to tackle the issue.  There is a scene in the movie where President Johnson tells Dr. King you have one issue - I have 101.  President Johnson had to deal with the whole country, and honestly at this time it would be political suicide to tackle the issue of the Civil Rights and voting.
Finally he does because of what happened on that bridge in Selma.  It woke up the country!  Americans were horrified at what they saw!  That moment gave President Johnson the political courage to push and sign the Voting Rights Act of 1968.  I love the scene in the  movie when the President is talking to Governor George Wallace of Alabama, and they talk about how history will remember them.  Governor Wallace said he did not care.  The President then said we are different because I do care! 
President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1968

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