Friday, March 11, 2016

Art of Possibility

One aspect I love about BTW is that opportunities come!  Thursday we had the distinct honor of hosting  Benjamin Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic.  He is speaking at the Tulsa Town Hall where people are paying a lot of money to hear him speak, and he is talking for FREE!  I was sad I only got to stay for the first half, but the 40 minuted I heard was fantastic!  Here is a recap of what he said:

1.  We live in two worlds - a world of dis ease or a world of possibility.  He gave the example  of shoe salesman in Africa the the early 20th Century.  One sent a telegram saying "All is Hopeless they don't have shoes!" and the  other said "Glorious opportunity they do not have shoes yet!"  You pick what world you live in everyday when you speak!  I love this because I truly believe our thoughts create our world!

2.  We are leaders!  What are you inspiring?  He talked about talking to people, and how we should talk to them!  Mr. Zander said we give the people in our lives grades, and that determines how we speak to them.  Give every one an A!  They will live up to the expectation!

I hope all of my students got the unbelievable opportunity to hear him speak - I do not know how you could not be inspired listening to him!  It was fun for me to watch!

Here is the TED Talk he gave!  So inspirational!  I love the end where he says the importance of your words!

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