Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Madame President

Last night on the Daily Show I saw the author who wrote "Madame President" interview.  This book looks amazing!  It is definetly on my book wish list.  I cannot wait to read this!  I loved the way the author described this book as a democratic coup!  This is about Liberia in 2005 who just experienced a Civil War for 14 years.

She told the audience that the women of Liberia blamed men for the trouble the country was in.  So they wanted a woman in power, and they made it happen!  This book is a blueprint of how they did it!  
I thought this story was perfect for Woman's History Month.  The majority of leaders in the world are male.  There is still this idea that women cannot lead, and amazing women are breaking this idea everyday!

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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