Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unbroken: The Power of Forgiveness

This is Memorial Weekend - a time to remember and thank all the men and women who fight for our freedom.  So this weekend I want to share an incredible story of service and forgiveness.  Now this story is captured in the book, Unbroken.  This WWII fighter pilot crashed in the ocean.  Luckily there was life raft for him to use.  He survived over a month weathering storms and fighting off sharks!  Eventually a boat showed up, but it wasn't a rescue party.  It was the Japanese who took him as a prisoner to Execution Island.  He spent a few years there where he was beaten, tortured, and starved!  I could not even imagine what he went through!

The most amazing thing about his story was years later he decided to forgive his torturers.  He didn't do it in his mind or paper, he went to Japan and forgave them face3 to face!  If he can forgive those men who tortured him and beat him - I can forgive anyone.  He said it has brought him joy, and it freed him!

The World War II Soldier

Him Today

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