Saturday, November 22, 2014

A GREAT Philbrook Field Trip

In World History we just finished the Renaissance.  The rebirth of Europe after the Dark Ages.

I want History to come to life for my students.  So we went to the Philbrook to see their Renaissance Art collection.  We also got a tour of the new Native American Exhibit.  I loved that because the Renaissance was all about becoming a well rounded cultured person - a Renaissance Man! 
The day went perfect!  The students had fun!  The Museum tour guides said our students were the best students they have toured in a long time!  That is what I love!  BTW students are always so well behaved!  The guides told me their favorite part was the fact they would ask the students questioned about the Renaissance and they knew the answers!
I could not use a flash - so it turned out blury.  Checking ou the art.

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