Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homecoming 2014 - 300: Rise of the Hive

Homecoming was so much fun!  This is always my favorite week at BTW!  And I cannot believe this was my 10th one!  Here is a collection of my favorite photos taken:

I love that each Class gets to decorate a hallway!  It makes the Hive so festive!  You can feel the spirit!
Seniors - Class of 2015
Sophomores - Class of 2017
Freshman - Class of 2018
Juniors - Class of 2016
Mix Match Day
Mix Match Day
Dress Your Age Day
Dress Your Age Day
Outrageous Orange and Black Day
The Awesome Door My 2nd Hour Made!
Pep Rally - Watching Teachers about to race!
Mr. and Miss Hornet

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