Saturday, January 10, 2015


Do not be afraid to ask for help!  if you are struggling grasping something seek out help!  I am not good at math an science.  For me to succeed I had to find tutors.  I needed that extra one on one time!  It was a life saver!
There are many resources out there you can tap into.  One great thing you can do is find someone in each class that could help you.  Find them, and exchange numbers.  Then don't be afraid to call them when you need their help.  Second their are clubs that will tutor BTW students.  One that will is National Honor Society.  Go to their sponsor and find out details!
Again it is all there for you!  You just have to have the drive to find the possibility!  These are your grades - do not be shy to find help if you need it!  We all need help!
Finally the Tulsa Library has free tutoring for students!  These are professionals who want to help!  This would be a great resource to have!  Call on them if you need to!  The link is below.

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