Sunday, January 25, 2015

Visit Italy

I was called to make a post about Italy.  I wanted to highlight this mesmerizing country!  I have had the great honor of visiting four times!  And I would go back!  I have never spent a long time there.  All of my trips have been tours.
This country is worth a visit!  If nothing else the food! The food is so good!  It will make you look at Italian Restaurants differently!  They cannot compare to the real thing!  Here are pics of two meals I had in Italy.  The first is a photo of gnocchi in Florence.  It is a potato pasta and so delicious!  The second is bruschetta in Rome.  This was the BEST bruschetta I have ever had! 
Italy is a fashion capital of the world!  So ladies you can do some GREAT shopping!  Here is a store window I took a photo of on the Isle of Capris.
The best part of going to Italy is the ruins!  You go to these places that are thousands of years old.  You can feel the history!  When you walk around the Roman Coliseum you can't but help to feel where you are!  I kept touching the walls - so I knew I was there!  Another spot you need to go is Pompeii.  This is an ancient Roman city that is intact!  In 79 C.E. it was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius (a volcano) It was covered by 100 feet of volcanic ash.  I cannot imagine what that must of been like, but you get to walk around this ancient city, and see what it looked like!
I was trying to be artsy!  I am very proud of this photo!
Pompeii with the volcano in the background!
Isle of Capris.  So beautiful!  Jay Z and Beyoncé vacation here!
On the streets of Florence
On the streets of Florence
You can see famous artwork - The David, The Birth of Venus, and the Sistine Chapel.
I took this photo looking up!
One of the best movies about Italy is Roman Holiday.  Watch it - you'll want to go!

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