Monday, April 27, 2015

Everybody Has A Story

I saw this story this weekend, and it immediately captured my attention.  This young woman's family was going through a tough financial time.   Her Mom was diagnosed with MS, and had a tough time.  Things got so bad she had to go into a nursing home.

I completely get that!  I woke up one day and could not stand or walk.  When I want to have a pity party for myself my Mom reminds me how far I've come!  Things got so bad my Mom thought I would have to go into a nursing home!  I am grateful everyday for how I am doing!

This was me at my worst - May 2011.  Man I've come a long way!
What this girl does for her family is outstanding and inspirational!  A family's love is powerful!

The MS Walk is Saturday!  If you want to walk with me please register by joining team tutu:

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