Saturday, April 11, 2015

Republicans and Democrats

Last week in US Government we looked at what is a Republican, and what is a Democrat.  I always like to remember to my students not one party is better than the other.  Not one is wrong, and not one is right.  This country is so polarized, and wants to make each other wrong.  I personally find it so frustrating.  Instead of pointing fingers, I wish the country would come together and try to find solutions to our very real problems!  Both parties have the extremes in party!  We need more moderates!
What both classes picked up on is Republicans are about the individual and smaller government.  Where Democrats are about the community and big government.  Both parties want the BEST for America, and want to see her be successful.  They just have very different ideas on how to get there!
Here are each party's platform.  Take time to read them, and see what party you agree with:

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