Sunday, May 31, 2015

Everybody Has A Story

This story reminds us of the importance of Family!  It is heart warming how this family takes care of each other!  I recently went to my Grandparent's, and this is one of the things we talked about!  Family is everything, and I am so thankful for my family!

Also this story touches on acceptance.  This man went blind in his 20s, and is now in his 70s.  He says he has accepted his blindness, and that is a must!  You must accept the cards you have been dealt!  I have accepted MS, and I love life!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What Legacy Are You Leaving?

Tomorrow night is Graduation, and this afternoon BTW celebrated the four outstanding teachers who are retiring.  This got be thinking.  As the Seniors and retiring teachers leave - what legacy are you leaving?  This is an important life lesson to learn!
How you live your life matters!  People are watching!  How you speak, and the actions you take will influence how people perceive you.  You must have INTEGRITY!  Integrity is when your words are truthful!  If you cannot do something, do not say you will.  Speak to people the way you want to be talked to!  Do not be over reactive! 
Ultimately how do you want to be remembered?  I overheard students say today that you don't want to be a goody good!  I completely disagree with that, and I told them that!  Many began to laugh, but in my short 33 years of life I know that to be true!  I can proudly say I am a goody good  I am nice, considerate, and follow the law.
My life is charmed!  So many good things have happened, and I truly believe .it is because how I live my life!  Karma is real!  What you put into the world - comes back to you!  I want kindness and love to come into my life - so that is what I try to do everyday is live my life with kindness and love!  I also care what people say about me!  I am glad people say constantly that I am kind, nice, and considerate!  Let's me know I am living my life right!
A Senior made this to honor Mr. Mimms as he retires - boy he is going to be missed!
I cannot believe 2015 is graduating tomorrow!  I vividly remember them as Freshmen!  Your four years in high school goes by so fast!  Enjoy it, and experience it!  Join clubs, get involved, and meet new people!  You get what you put into it!  BTW is such an extraordinary place, and you are so lucky you go here!  Once a Hornet - Always a Hornet! 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

How To Make Stress Your Friend

As we approach the end of the school year and Finals Week - I know we are stressed!  I am stressed!  Last week I felt like I was drowning.  I realized everything I need to do before the end!  It will all get done - it always does, but man it is stressful!  I cannot imagine how you guys feel!  So to help us all get through this Final Week here is a great TED Talk explaining how to make stress a friend!  I hope you get some insight!  I did!


Monday, May 11, 2015

Oklahoma Field Trip

In Oklahoma History we just got done studying Indian Removal.  To help bring it alive I wrote a grant to pay for a bus to Tahlequah.  They said yes!  I have wanted to do this field trip for a long time!  It turned out better than I could imagine!  We went to the Cherokee Heritage Center, ate lunch at NSU, and heard from my favorite college professor!  Here are some pics of our day:

After our tour we took our picture with a tour guide.  We saw the Cherokee Indian Village, and learned about their culture!  Afterwards we toured the Trail of Tears Museum.
We ate lunch at NSU in the UC.  Hopefully my students now appreciate Mom's cooking!
Afterwards my sorority took us on a tour of NSU.
My favorite college professor - Dr. Corbett talked to us about how to be successful in college.  I love how he said you are going to get into college, but you have to find a way to stay in!
Dr. Corbett!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Everybody Has A Story

I love the stories Steve Hartman does!  They are always so simple, but he turns it into a story of such depth and inspiration!  His stories usually make me cry!  The other day I stumbled upon a story of a school janitor who is making a difference.  It made me think of our awesome janitor Love Jones!
He is a source of uplifting at the Hive!  Every student loves him!  Your day is not complete till you give Mr. Jones a fist pump!  Then I thought about how every adult in a school has something to offer!  They are there for a reason!