Thursday, June 1, 2017

Learn from Others

One great life lesson is you can learn from others!  I agree totally with the quote above.  Life is too short to learn all the lessons of life!  Learn from others, and pay attention too who you learn from.  One thing my brother does is he reads about how millionaires made their money.  He wants to be comfortable in life, and I think it is a brilliant idea!

I was on Facebook, and saw an interesting article from a former student.  It was a millionaire giving advice to young people.  He had two pieces of advice.  1. When you graduate from college get any job you can get!  2. When you graduate from college move out of your parents house!  

On a side note I am watching The View, and Chance The Rapper is on.  He just said he studied Dave Chapelle, and the decisions he made in his life.  He owes his success to him!

I could not find the article, but I found another good one.  There are so many so I encourage you to research this on your own!  Learn from these GIANTS!

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