Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pueblo Revolt

In 1680 a revolt happened in New Mexico.  The Pueblo Native Americans were being mistreated by the Spanish explorers who were in the New World.  This was a big moment,  and for instance College Board wants AP US History students to know this moment.

The accounts of mistreatment the Pueblos experienced is heartbreaking, and unbelievable.  I do not understand how you can be so cruel to another human being!  But maybe that is the problem - the Spanish did not see the Pueblos as humans.  At this time the Spanish essentially had a slave system in place - the Encomeinda System.

Encomienda System

The Pueblos could not take it anymore!  One of their biggest complaints was the fact the Spanish would not let them worship their gods.  Instead they wanted them to work.  So the Pueblos took the moment in their own hands.  The Revolt was led by Pope.

One reason they were successful of expelling the Spanish was numbers.  They had the numbers!  There were 8,000 Pueblos and 200 Spanish.  The Pueblos killed 20 Priests and 100s of Spanish colonists. The Spanish brought their faith with them to the New World.  

A Spanish Missionary in Arizona

It was not till Pope died did the Spanish try to take back their control.  They were successful, but much nicer in hopes of preventing any further revolt in 1692.

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