Thursday, December 22, 2011

BTW Homecoming

I have never seen anything like a Booker T. Homecoming!!!  This school has so much School Spirit!  I don't know how the school does it, but every student comes in with such love for their school.  It is inspiring to see, and it is fun to experience.  The best week to witness their love for Booker T. is Homecoming.  The school goes all out!  Every day is a dress up, 2nd hour has a door decorating contest, the four classes each decorate a hallway, thursday they have a big Pep Rally, and on friday they have their Mr. and Miss Hornet Cornotation.  Mr. and Miss Hornet is like Homecoming King and Queen, but it is so much bigger.  Mr. and Miss Hornet are chosen completely by the student body, and represent the student body the whole year.  Miss Hornet will always be remembered because they have all the Miss Hornet's pictures on the wall.  It is a great honor!  Here are some of my Homecoming pictures.

Me on dress up day in 2010 - Super Hero Day.  I'm Jack Bauer from the TV Show "24."

Here are a series of doors for the 2nd Floor Door Decorating Contest.  They go all ou!

The best part of the door decorating contest everyone wants to win!  So during 2nd Hour on Tuesday of Homecoming Week everyone is in the halls decorating their doors trying to make it the best they can!

Pep Rally and Outrageous Orange and Black Day.

Homecoming Pep Rally.

The thing ever class covets the Spirit Stick!  Which ever class is the most spirited and loudest wins the Spirit Stick.

The stage for the Cornoation of Mr. and Miss Hornet.  They even get thrones!

The Making of Miss Hornet:  A great article about the legacy of Miss Hornet!

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