Friday, April 27, 2012

Presidential Campaigns

In government right now we are discussing how the American President is elected, and Presidential Campaigns.  My favorite part is that this is a very teachable moment because we are in the middle of a Presidential Campaign right now.  I ask them all the time who they think is going to win?  I guess we know now it will be Romney against Obama.  It is funny half say Romney, and the other half say Obama.  I wonder if that is any indication of the country.

I love going over the Electoral College because the students react so strongly to it.  Every year the students think it is unfair, and denies our right to choose.  I guess the biggest issue is a candidate can win the popular vote, but lose the Electoral Vote.  That has only happened three times in the 44 Presidential Elections this country has had, but it can happen.

Below are famous moments in a Presidential Campaign, and video that makes it so memorable.  Also below is a link to an awesome website that shows you every outcome for every race.  It is awesome!  You have to win 270 Electoral Votes to become president.

270 To Win
A very cool website

Many candidates will go on SNL or late night TV to relate to the people.  Sarah Palin went on SNL during the 2008 Election.

The slogan that stuck with Obama was, "Yes We Can."  Here during the Election of 2008 Will I Am turned it into a song, and encouragement to vote!

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  1. I dislike the electoral college system. Why not just have the election be popular vote?