Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flash Cards

I always tell my students learn how you learn.  When you figure out how you study, your school life will be so much easier!  There are so many different ways to study, and we all use different strategies.  What works for you might not work for another.  So I am going to highlight different methods.  I am going to start with the method that works for me - Flash Cards!
Anytime I would use Flash Cards I would pass the test - even in college.  I excelled with Flash Cards.  I will admit, making them would be time consuming.  So you do have to make them in enough time, and not the day before the test.  I would buy Flash Cards, or make them with sheets of paper.  I would do that a lot in college because I was a poor college student.  I would have no money for note cards!  Lol  Now they do have awesome notecards out there.  You can buy different colors, or get some that are on a ring.  So you can keep them organized!
What I do is take all my notes, and the chapter for that particular test, and create flash cards.  I would turn every piece of information into a flash card.  I always had a lot because of this, but I was thorough. Flash cards are great because you turn the information into questions, and that is what teachers do!  They look at the information and turn it into questions.
Then I would study them!  The best part of Flash Cards is you can take them anywhere!  I would study them till I had them memorized!  You can also have someone test you!  They are versatile, and user friendly.  There are also online websites where you can make online Flash Cards.  Here is one of the best ones out there!  Check it out!

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