Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Power of Doodling

Have you ever doodled?  When I was in college my geography professor told my class something interesting.  He told us about the power of doodling, and encouraged us to doodle.  He told us this story about when one semester a girl was always doodling, and it really bothered him.  So much that he confronted her.  She told him that it clears her mind and keeps her attentive.  I have always remembered that, and would tell people that.  They would look at me crazy, but then I saw this!
In a nutshell it explains that doodling is not mindless.  In fact it has mental benefit.  What everyone says and even the studies show that doodling opens the doors to better concentration.  It keeps people from daydreaming, and focused on the task ahead.  So next time you can't focus - try doodling!

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