Saturday, April 4, 2015

MLK Jr.'s Assassination

Everyday I post This Day In History.  This morning I did not realize what happened today!  47 years ago MLK Jr. was assassinated in Memphis!  It sent shock waves through this country, and rioting began.  The only person who recognized the hurt and anger of this news was Robert Kennedy  He went to the streets with a bullhorn.  When he had everyone's attention, and the cameras were on him he talked to the crowds with comforting words.  He told the rioters he understood their pain because his brother was killed by a white man!  He had the bravery to address race! 

So last summer when I had the opportunity to go where MLK Jr. was assassinated I had to go!  I always describe it as going to sacred ground!  I read a historian's account of this moment, and he said this hotel was sacred ground.  I got that!  Because that is how I feel!  . 

They have turned that hotel in the Civil Rights Museum.  If you have a chance - go!  It will change your world!  Here are some of my pictures:

Outside the hotel.  When I saw this sign - I got excited knowing where I was about to go!

The first thing you see is an American slavery exhibit.  It is hard to look at!  To see and read about American slavery is heartbreaking!  After the Civil War this country abolished slavery, but with Reconstruction and Jim Crow a new slavery was born.  It thrived for a century!  This is what MLK Jr. was fighting against!
MLK Jr.'s room preserved exactly the way it was that day!  It was spooky to see.  This is why though you need to go to historical sites.  It brings history alive! 
Sadly where MLK Jr. was gunned down.  You cannot stand there, but you can go outside and look at this spot, and take photos.
MLK Jr. gave this speech the night before he was killed.  It is heartbreaking, and brought tears to my eyes!  What he says is powerful!

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