Thursday, January 12, 2012


When I was Class Sponsor for 2010 - our Senior Year these three guys in the pic above formed a band.  They formed the band, Apollo.  They came out of no where.  Apollo played at a school talent show, and blew everyone away.  They have real talent!  I hope they make it big because they can!

When I was in the hospital this past summer - they surprised me and visited me in the hospital.  I was so surprised to see them in my hospital room!  They told me they heard I was sick, and they wanted to have a "jam session" for me.  They brought their musical instruments and sang for me!  I thought they would sing 2 or 3 songs - they sang 10.  It was my own private concert!  I felt so blessed!

Below is the song that made them famous at BTW.  Heartless by Kanye West.  They sing it better than Kanye West!  I'm jealous of their talent - I cannot sing or play a musical instrument.  Enjoy Apollo and Heartless!!!

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