Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freedom Writers

There is a whole bunch of great movies about teaching.  One of those movies is Freedom Writers.  It is based off a real teacher and her class.  What this teacher does is incredible!  It is inspiring for me as a teacher to watch.  One thing she did was bond with her students.  I think that is so important!  I try to bond with my students everyday, and as a teacher I don't think we are always aware of the power we have.  Our words are powerful, and make a difference.  I choose my words carefully!  If you haven't seen this movie - see it NOW!

The inspirational song from the movie!

One of the great things that this teacher did her first year was teach her students about the holocaust.  After learning about the holocaust they read "The Diary of Ann Frank."  The students were so touched they brought the lady who hid Ann Frank to come speak to them.  And they really did it!  Here is a little bit of the scene from the movie.

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