Friday, January 20, 2012

US Government and Ok. History Collages

For my first week with my students - I wanted to see what they know and think about US Government and Oklahoma.  So I divided the class into groups to make collages.  In US Government the class was divided into 3 groups.  Each group was assigned one of the three branches of government, and were to collage what that branch of government means to them.  In Ok. History they were divided into four groups.  Each group was assigned a section of Oklahoma (NE, SE, SW, or NW).  In their group they are to collage what Oklahoma represents.  Here is how the project went:

All the supplies needed - scissors, magazines, and glue.

I cut out paper for each group.  I also had it pre-cut because I laminated the collage.

A class working on the project.  Looking through magazines, cutting out images, and coming up with a game plan.

Here are some pictures of students working:

The completed collages.  I'm about to collage them.

Laminating the collages.

The hallway infront of my room.  I hung up the collages to display.

Completed collage.  They had to decide on an image that represents their branch of government.  Then put the collage inside the image.  This is the legislative branch, and the top of capital building.

A completed Oklahoma History Collage.

This was the first time I ever did this project, and was pleased with the outcome.  My students were so creative and thoughtful!  It was so insightful to hear what they know and think.  I can't wait to do this project again!

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