Thursday, January 5, 2012

France during WWII

I've decided to post about History I love!  The first thing is France during WWII.  In the very beginning of the War - Hitler occupied France.  Well the French were not going to take it lying down.  The most impressive thing that they did during the war was to protect the art of France.  Hitler was an art collector, and he wanted Paris's art.  The French did two impressive things:

  1. The Louvre - the french hid all of the art in every museum.  The hid it in the country or people's basements.  I said the Louvre because when Hitler arrived in Paris, the first place he wanted to go was the Louvre.  When he walked in there was nothing there!  It was empty!  If you have been there or seen pictures you would know that feat!
  2. Notre Dame de Paris- the french wanted to protect the Rose Windows.  There are two, and they took out every peice of stained glass, numbered it, and hid them under the Seine.  The Seine is the river that runs through Paris.  After the war, they dug up the stained glass and put them back together. 
What love they had for their country, culture , and art to do that!  Every time I think about it - it amazes me what they did!  The final thing that happened in France during in WWII that amazes me happened at the very end.  Once Hitler realized the war was over, and he was defeated, he told the German officiers to destroy the city.

They strapped bombs on to every single building and monument.  When it came time to blow the building up - they could not do it.  They had fallen in love with France!  Especially Paris - It has an affect on you!  It is magical, and you will keep wanting to come back.  I've been to Paris 10 times, and I'm not done coming to Paris.  I hope I go back 100 times more!

Here are some pictures of that time:

Hitler and the Eiffel Tower

A Paris Man weeps as he views the German army march into the city

One of the Rose Windows in Notre Dame de Paris

The Louvre!  Look at how big it is - How did they hide all of the art?

One of my favorite movies about Paris!  It is Paris, Je t'aime.  The movie is made up of little stories about Paris.  This is the last one - and it spoke to me.  It's all about this woman falling in love with Paris!  That is what I did!

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