Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Kite Cannot Fly Without Air

This year the biggest song hands down has to be "Happy!"  The song has captivated the world, but the singer has advice for all.  Pharrel Williams was on CBS Sunday Morning, and had brilliant things to say!
First he thanks his teachers.  He said he has to because where would he be without them?  He said not where he is now.  He would be struggling because he struggled as a student, and made bad grades.
This is where you are so lucky!  BTW has GREAT teachers that want to help you, and see you succeed!  Take advantage of this!
Second success is not all you.  You are successful because of other people, and other factors.  You must recognize that, and be grateful!  He says the best example of a Kite.  A Kite cannot fly on it's own.  It needs air.  Who is your air?

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