Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Be Discouraged!

This last week I reported to school, and had to do Professional Development.  During the PD I became very present to something!  So much I want to share!  It was about the learning process, and I think the above image says it all.  In our society today we want the quick fix.  We want to take the elevator, but we have to take the stairs sometimes.  I heard a teacher say, "in the struggle learning happens"!
That really spoke to me!  So next time you are frustrated in a class because you are not getting it don't give up!  You are in the learning process.  Stay with it!  Keep working with it, and study!  One day you will get it!  I always love when the A Ha moment happens!  Maybe that is why I am a teacher!You can do it!  Just keep with it, and trust the process!

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