Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review Your Notes

This summer I did AP training, and my instructor told us a great story.  Last year the first week of school she had her students 1st day just read an article. Then she had them re read the article and highlight it the 2nd day.
For the next 3 days she added to the reading of the article.  Then on the 6th Day she quizzed them on the article.  And to the surprise of the students they all aced the quiz! 
The teacher was not surprised, and took the opportunity to talk to the students.  I think it is a good message for you to hear.  She reminded them when you work with notes, readings, and etc you will remember it.  You just cannot read something one time.  You have to go back to it, and re visit it.  You cannot read something one time, and expect to know it frontwards and backwards.  You must STUDY! 

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