Monday, August 18, 2014

Pay Attention Listening To A Speaker

My sister told me about a great life lesson.  When she was in college her speech professor told the class there is a way to give a speech, but there is also a way to listen.  When you pay attention , make eye contact, smile, nod, and laugh you make the speaker feel comfortable.  Then you are noticed, and stand out. 
So if it is an important speaker - it could help you!  You want to be noticed by someone important.  Abbey took this to heart while she was in Taiwan.  Through Fulbright they had to go hear a speech, and Abbey did all that she was taught.  She made eye contact, nodded, and paid attention.  It was an important speaker, and at the end the speaker sought her out.  The speaker thanked her for paying attention. 
In a small way it can help you with teachers.  If you pay attention you will stand out in a positive way.  So next time you hear a speaker pay attention!

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