Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rosa Parks

This summer I got the most unbelievable opportunity to travel the East Coast and see historical sites through a grant.  I saw and experienced so many amazing things!  I will be sharing, and the first thing I want to share is the Henry Ford Museum.

I actually thought it would be boring, but it completely surprised me!  It was the coolest car museum that had historical automobiles.  I was walking, turned a corner, and there it was!  The bus where Rosa Parks was sitting, and refused to get up.  I asked if it was the actual bus, and they said yes.  They bought it for $500,000.

When I saw the bus - I wanted to jump for pure excitement.  I travel the world because I love to experience historical sites.  It makes history come to life for me!  So to be standing in
front of this bus was almost to much!  The worker standing there I think could see my excitement.  I immediately asked if I could take a picture?  He said yes, and the most exciting thing!   He said I could sit in her seat!  Are you serious?  That was to much!

Then he told me to sit in the seat across the aisle because last year President Obama came, and sat there.  So of course I did!

This was such an important moment in American History.  This decision sparked s revolution.  I am so happy I got to sit where this brave woman made a decision that changed the country!

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